About Us

Here is a bit of information on who we are.


We are the COURTING INSANITY Bros, we live on the Insane Isles and rule here in any fashion we please. We started this server because we couldn't quite find a server that met our needs... good food, good company, and most importantly plenty of madness!
Our server is fairly straight forward, we want you to enjoy yourself but not at the cost of others enjoying themselves. This means that we do have to lay down a few rules:
  • Thou shalt not grief
  • Thou shalt not spam
  • Thou shalt not advertise
  • Thou shalt not ask to be staff
  • Thou shalt not hack*
  • Thou shalt respect all members
  • Thou shalt report abuse**
  • Thou shalt be civil
  • Thou shalt follow all rules
  • Thou shalt enjoy thyself
*Definitions of hacking are liable to change and we are not responsible for your knowledge of the definitions once posted. An up to date list will be maintained on the discord.
**We accept no responsibility for failure to report abuse.

Breaking the rules may result in a ban after proper investigation, bans are non-negotiable.